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PresidentGary E. Johnson

Vice-PresidentWilliam F. Weld


PresidentGary E. Johnson

Vice-PresidentJim Gray


State Representative, District 16Mike Blessing

State Representative, District 19Mark Curtis


Vote NO on all of them

The reasons to vote NO on all of the bond issues are simple:

The politicians load them up with the popular things – cops, fire / rescue, libraries, schools, infrastructure (roads, sewers, etc.), etc. This way, the politicians can put all of their pork-barrel projects, favors for their friends, jobs for incompetent family members, and social engineering into the general budget, where it won’t be looked at too much. Bond issues failing on the ballot stops this.

Another reason to vote NO is that more bond issues raise taxes. Whether we’re talking about property taxes, sales taxes, or anything else, they’re going to go up when more bond issues are passed. This is because a bond issue is a loan to the city from those who buy the bonds on the market (just like U.S. Savings Bonds). These loans have to be paid back. So just WHO pays them back? NOT the city councilors and administrators who floated them in the first place! No, it’s you – those who voted for them (and those who voted NO, as well)!


Vote NO on ALL of them

Taxation doesn’t stop being theft and slavery just because 50% plus one of those who show up on election day support it. Those who want to pay for public parks, dog-walking areas, libraries and senior centers are perfectly free to mail in a check to the agencies that build and maintain them.


Read the proposed ordinance, amendment, question, whatever it’s called, VERY carefully

A few years ago, the Legislature put a Constitutional amendment on the ballot that would change the most per diem pay a state legislator is allowed to collect from 75 bucks a day to “the maximum allowed under IRS rules.” While people thought they were giving the legislators a much-deserved pay cut, the maximum allowed under the new rules is 128 bucks.

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