Liberty Lunch at UNM

Liberty Lunch at UNM is a no-host lunch meet-and-greet, with discussion of issues important to libertarians, capitalists (anarcho- and otherwise), objectivists, extropians, Tea Partiers and Constitutionalists. The idea is to introduce UNM students, faculty, etc., to libertarian ideas. CNM students, faculty and staff are also welcome to attend.

We’re currently meeting at the UNM Student Union Building [SUB], on the second Friday of each month from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM.

Suggestions for speakers are welcome – let us know in advance if you want to address the group, so we can promote you!

Scheduled speakers will have thirty (30) minutes to make their case, then should be open to questions from the audience.

Unscheduled speakers wanting to address the group will have five (5) minutes to make their case at the chair’s discretion, then should be open to questions from the audience.

Audience members are requested to ask questions of the speaker as opposed to making statements. All speakers will be considered to have consented to being recorded, including but not limited to audio or video devices, and for public distribution of those recordings (YouTube, etc.).

Handouts are welcome and encouraged. Assume that any printed material handed out is for public distribution.

Typical agenda for this event

  1. Round-robin introductions (if needed)
  2. Updates, notices about upcoming events
  3. Scheduled speaker(s)
  4. Unscheduled speaker(s)
  5. General discussion

Specific details about any given event will be posted to the event pages set up for that event on Facebook, Google Plus, among other places.

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